Wheelchair Accessible Porta Potty

ada compliant wheel chair accessible toilet in a lotWe offer wheelchair accessible Porta Potties that are easy and convenient to use.

Here are some of the features:

Large in size

They are spacious as compared to the regular Portable toilets. This is to enable movement of the wheelchair inside the Porta Potty and also the spacious allowance can enable more than one person to fit in the mobile restroom.

The space inside is wide enough for one to turn 360 degrees while on a wheelchair.

Has handrails

These are grabbed bar handles are attached to the perimeter of the wheelchair Portable Toilet inside thus making it easy for one to hold as he or she is making changes from the Porta Potty and back to the wheelchair. The grab bars help one to use restroom by themselves with no much assistance required.

Has a convenient wide door

This has been designed to make the entrance of the wheelchair inside the Portable Toilet to be easy enough to get through it. Also the flooring of the wheelchair Porta Potty has a role on ground level floor access which is key for the wheelchair access.

Oversized door handle

The door handle is large in size and is and strategically placed low which makes the door to be easy for reach and open with no difficulty.

Additionally, it has a door closure that slows down the door’s movement while closing and opening the door of the Portable Toilet. The door has a lock that one can opt to use while they are inside the Porta Potty.

Has a ventilation system

It is well aerated; this enables a free flow of fresh air from the outside to the inside vice versa.

It has good lighting

In that one can opt to use natural light that can be used during the day or can incorporate their own lighting system.

Has hand sanitizer and toilet paper rolls

Hygiene is key thus we make sure that our traveling restrooms, in this case, our wheelchair Portable Toilets comes with hand sanitizer and tissue paper rolls that can be replaced once they end.

In conclusion

Phoenix Porta Potty is certified for use and the wheelchair travelling washrooms are ADA compliant thus able to meet your needs.