Portable Hand Wash Station

During spring and summer, people of all ages in Phoenix, prefer to spend their time outdoors to enjoy the pleasant weather. Many outdoor events are also being held. Since the duration of these events is several hours, people often feel hungry and they wish to eat food items. Yet when people are outdoors, they are more likely to get infected with bacteria, viruses and harmful microbes.

These disease causing microbes will enter the body of a person if the hands are not washed properly. Hence event organizers should consider hiring a portable hand wash station for any outdoor event which they organize, so that people can wash their hands whenever they wish.

Washing hands with water is considered to be one of the most effective methods of keeping the hands clean, removing the dirt, grime and other materials which may have accumulated on the hand, when outdoors.

The mechanical force of the running water, will dislodge most of the dirt on the hands. Additionally the chemicals in the soap, will also help to remove the dirt and microbes, and in some cases, kill the bacteria and viruses. Hence providing a handwash station for any outdoor event, is a very convenient and hygienic way to allow people to wash their hands, whenever they wish.

For greater hygiene the handwash station is food operated. This ensures that the dirty hands of the users do not contaminate the faucet used in the handwash station. The user will have to press on the pedal located at the lower half of the hand-wash station and the water will flow from the faucet, so that the user can wash his hands.

Removing the pressure on the pedal, will stop the flow of the water. There is also a provision for providing a liquid soap dispenser with the handwash station. The client hiring the handwash station can choose a manual soap dispenser or an automatic soap dispenser using motion detection technology.

If required, a towel dispenser can also be provided for wiping the hands. Depending on the number of people and duration of the event, the capacity of the fresh water tank in the handwash station should be selected so that clean water is available for the entire duration. Typically the user can choose between a 5 liter and 18 liter tank for fresh water.

The tank can be easily refilled when empty. Similarly a grey water tank is also included in the handwash station, when the dirty water produced after washing will be stored. This waste water can be drained away by connecting a flexible drainage pipe to the tank outlet.

Users can easily move the handwash station to any place they wish since the unit has wheels provided for easy transport. It is also light in weight for greater portability. The unit is made from high quality ABS plastic, so that it is durable and can withstand all weather conditions.

A handle is provided on the handwash station. In addition to outdoor events like parties, picnics, concerts, sporting events , the portable washbasin can also be used while camping outdoors. Multiple handwash stations can be hired for larger events if required.