Deluxe Porta Potty

portable toilet out doors in a park
Seventy percent of party and event-goers have used a porta potty more than once. Well, though this term sounds a little bit funny, porta-potties are portable toilet units. They are mostly used to supplement normal or residential toilets. Portable potties are also used in areas without toilets or washrooms. You will likely spot one in remote areas when people are shooting a movie or when an organization plans a team bonding camp or hike.

There are over ten types of porta potties, and therefore, it squarely falls on you to identify the one you want depending on your expectation. Out of all these units, we will take a look at one-deluxe portable potty.

A deluxe portable potty is a portable toilet unit that is fitted with sinks and a flushable toilet. These units have water, saving organizers the trouble of acquiring a portable hand wash station. Mostly, deluxe porta potties look like the regular ones, only that they are larger. However, when it comes to the build and frame, they are everything like regular portable toilets.

These units are mostly used in slightly sophisticated events thanks to the extra features. Mothers enjoy facilities such as a changing station for their babies, which regular units lack. You should not just rent a unit blindly. Therefore, in this second part of the article, we will look at some of the things you should look out for when renting a unit. Walk with me.


Deluxe porta-potties, just like the name suggests, come with extra features. You will find everything that is missing in a regular porta potty. Therefore, remember to confirm whether the unit has a mirror, which you can use to groom yourself. There should also be a handwashing station where you can clean your hands after doing your activities. By a handwashing station, we are referring to a sink and an ever-flowing tap. Remember, these toilets have to be flushed, and this cannot be possible without water.

Holding tank

The holding tank plays a major role if you are looking for the right portable potty. Keep in mind that these units have their capacity, and once they get filled, you might need to shift to another. Luckily, the deluxe units have a relatively larger tank, which is way bigger than the standard ones. However, ensure that the tank is around seventy gallons, which is the standard measurement for deluxe porta-potties. If you believe that this will not be enough, you can also rent out other regular porta potties to act as supplements. Fortunately, these units can be rented together.


The design of the porta potty should be a factor of consideration. To ensure that users are safe and secure, make sure that your unit is made of anti-slip materials. Also, care to check if the portable toilet has a secure lock.


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