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Hole in the Rock

Phoenix is the capital of Arizona and it is considered by a lot of people as the center for businesses, government, shopping, and landmarks; and one of these landmarks is the Hole in the Rock formation that can be visited at Papago Park. The Papago Park also features different amenities and activities where people are allowed to explore especially if they will be visiting for the first time; some of these other attractions are the Phoenix Zoo and Desert Botanical Garden. The Hole in the Rock formation is a historical formation which basically displays a hole that was naturally made on a rock, and for tourists to be able to see this wonder, they would need to do a short hike that is around half a mile to be able to go around the rock and have a better view of it. The hike is pretty easy even for beginners that no preparation is really needed. As a matter of fact, some people have said that it’s pretty doable to enjoy the hike even with just sandals on.

This natural phenomenon is known as a gift from a group of ancient people known as the Hohokam Indians and they are actually the people of the Sonoran Desert This hole in the rock served as a device for telling the date, pretty much like a calendar, because the hole produces light that would change its direction based on the seasonal movements of the sun. Amazingly, this magical rock would allow ancient people to identify when the summer and winter solstices would happen, as well as the equinoxes through the bedrock. All these things are possible because of a hole that was formed millions of years ago that was caused by natural phenomenon as well like erosion and different weather conditions.

Today, this rock formation is still being honored and visited by a lot of people but mainly to be able to get a view of the city of Phoenix from a good point of view, which is from above the entire city. When tourists get to the hole itself, they will be able to go around the formation using a staircase that was built so that people can get a chance to roam around a cave-like structure that is connected to the Hole in the Rock formation. Aside from the experience of seeing this amazing wonder of nature, a lot of tourists also choose to visit especially those who are into taking beautiful photos of different places. Photographers enjoy the fact that their photos would need little to no edits because of how beautiful and majestic the whole formation looks. On the actual formation, there are also available cooking grills and picnic tables where people can choose to slow down, rest for a bit, and have a longer opportunity to marvel at this natural beauty. As a matter of fact, adventurous people will also be happy to know that there is a golf course available, as well as different hiking trails that tourists can explore whenever they want to.

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